About Us

Wayward Pleasures is a unique online lingerie boutique that offers one of a kind pieces that range from risqué to chic – and everything in between. Wayward Pleasures believes in the confidence boosting power of feminine fashion, with a current focus on lingerie, bras, and panties. We believe in offering high-quality, flattering, and stunning pieces designed to ignite the senses, arouse imagination, and deliver a bold of affirmation of body positivity in every woman.
With an ever-expanding line of apparel that goes beyond lingerie, Wayward Pleasures believes in offering high quality products, pieces, and accessories that will unleash confidence, flatter every figure, and celebrate the wonder that is femininity.
Wayward Pleasures promotes body confidence, sensuality, and self-care. We believe in lush fabrics, smooth lines, and exceptional quality that helps each and every woman celebrate her femininity and embrace her daring side. With designs that are as smooth as the satin they are inspired by, Wayward Pleasures proudly offers a wide assortment of designs, styles, sizes, and fabrics that will thrill, delight, and excite every woman – unleashing the inner queen within.

Our Story

The female form is an amazing thing.
The slight curves of their hips, the gentle slope of their necks, the soft twists and turns of their supple skin – there are reasons why artists have been creating sculptures for millennia to celebrate their remarkable shape.
The pathway to Wayward Pleasures started nearly a decade ago when I first laid my eyes on a woman in full lingerie. To say it was a life changing experience would be a vast understatement. From the delicate fabrics to the soft way her skin glistened alongside and next to the rich ribbons and lux lace, to the beautiful confidence and self-assuredness that seemed to adorn her face as she wore the pieces. Looking at her, you could tell she felt powerful, strong, and oh-so sexy.
Again, it was a life changing moment.
When I finally had gotten the nerve to buy lingerie for a special person in my life, I stood in awe as I watched the beautiful woman that stood before me literally transform into a powerful, confident, and stunning queen before my eyes. There was something magical about these garments – and in that moment, I knew one thing for certain: Lingerie was incredibly powerful, and every woman deserved to experience the incredible rush of confidence it inspired.
At the end of the day, Wayward Pleasures is an online lingerie boutique committed to female empowerment, body positivity, and the celebration of the female form. Whether layering our pieces into daily fashion, spicing things up in the privacy of your home, or simply wearing them modestly as a sensual secret – Wayward Pleasures provides elegant lingerie that is designed to help women look, feel, and radiate their absolute best. The female form is amazing, and lingerie is powerful – and at Wayward Pleasures, we celebrate it all. Welcome.